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Critical illness Cover

Critical illness Cover essentially pays out a lump sum if you happen to be diagnosed with a serious condition, like cancer or if you suffer a stroke for example. Each policy has a list of conditions it covers and also list of exclusions. There are a few different types of critical illness cover packages you can obtain.

A "Increasing cover" which offer a payout amount and premium rise with the rate of inflation each year.

A "Level cover" which offer a payout and premiums stay the same throughout the policy.

A "Decreasing cover" where premiums are usually lower compared to level cover, but the payout reduces each month.

Some insurers let you add critical illness cover to a life insurance policy when you apply. 

At Monopoly Mortgages we make sure you as a customer receive the best possible service in a smooth memorable process for you.

Contact us now so we can assist you through this new journey. 

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